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Consul General of Russia in Guangzhou Visited GDUFS
2019-03-15 11:39 ?

North Campus, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, March 14th 2019: Pashkov Viktor, Consul general of Russia in Guangzhou, and his team visited GDUFS. SUI Guangjun, Chairman of the University Board, met the guests at the VIP Hall in the Administration Building. The two sides exchanged opinions on cooperation between GDUFS and Russian universities, as well as between the two countries.


Both sides were discussing

SUI Guangjun welcomed the delegation and briefly introduced the history of the Russian major and the present situation of teaching at GDUFS, the Guangdong Institute of International Strategy and the education of foreign students at GDUFS. SUI Guangjun said that GDUFS has set up co – operative relations with 16 Russian universities and institutions, and established Confucius Institute in cooperation with Ural Federal University in 2018. The two universities are in close contact with each other. SUI pointed that, in addition to education and exchanges of humanities, the two countries should strengthen economic and trade exchanges. GDUFS expected to have more exchanges and cooperations with more Russian universities on humanity education, and hoped to promote the development of friendly relationships with each other by increasing student exchanges between two countries.

Pashkov Viktor expressed gratitude for the hospitality of GDUFS. He said that GDUFS was a significant base for Russian Teaching and Research, and hoped to aim for greater, comprehensive cooperation with GDUFS, promote cultural exchanges between GDUFS and universities in various areas of Russia, and at the same time strengthen cooperation in various fields between Guangzhou and Russia. Pashkov Viktor hoped that the delegation would introduce the history of exchanges between Russia and China for Russian students at GDUFS, so that they could contribute to cultural, economic and trade exchanges between the two countries in the future.

Consul General and Russian students were having a meeting

After the meeting, Pashkov Viktor had a talk with Russian students at GDUFS.

KE Xiaohua, Chief of the office of International Cooperation and Exchange, CAI Hong, Dean of Institute for International Education and relevant leaders of Faculty of European Languages and Cultures, also attended the meeting.

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